Tennessee Premarital Preparation Online Course

Developed by Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Board Certified Psychologist and Relationship Expert

  Welcome to the Official $27.97 Tennessee Premarital Preparation Online Course, where Tennessee residents can receive premarital counseling online to get ready for marriage and to save money. Did you know that residents of Tennessee can sign up for a four-hour premarital counseling session led by a qualified mental health professional or a practicing member of the clergy? Although I do not yet have a clinical psychologist license in Tennessee, I do have an ordained minister status in Florida, which entitles me to offer you our Tennessee Premarital Preparation Program and an official notarized certificate that will help you save money on your Tennessee marriage license. In Tennessee, a marriage license is $99.50. You can get a marriage license for $60 less if you take our premarital education course. Your marriage license cost at the courthouse is simply $39.50 when you have our certificate in hand. Bring our certificate to the courthouse, take advantage of the savings, and discover a lot about one another. Again, you will save $30 on your marriage license if you take our course. If you enroll in our premarital education course, you can obtain a marriage license for $60 less. With our certificate in hand, the courthouse will only charge you $39.50 for a marriage license. Take advantage of the savings, bring our certificate to the courtroom, and learn a lot about one another. Again, if you take our course, you’ll save $30 on your marriage license.

Save $60 on your Tennessee Marriage License!

How does it work?
  1. To make a secure purchase, click on the buttons that say “Click Here to Purchase” above and below. (Paypal or credit card). You can pay using a credit card instead of a Paypal account if you don’t have one. We make use of an online store called Woocommerce to handle both types of payment processing. You can reach our office personally to make a payment at (904) 379-8094 during regular business hours (9 to 5) Monday through Friday if you don’t wish to pay online. Both choices are quick and secure ways to get going. Please be aware that payments made for any of our online courses are non-refundable, excepting any instances where you unintentionally buy more than one.
  2. You will automatically receive an email with the password and the login page once payment for the course has been received, or you can use the password you were supplied and go here: Log in using the Tennessee Premarital Preparation Course Login Page or the courses page at https://www.drdarienzo.com.Please get in touch with our office during the hours of Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, if you’re experiencing difficulties logging in or accessing the course.(904-379-8094).
  3. You will have 30 days to finish the course after entering the password. According to Tennessee law, you must complete the premarital education course for at least 4 hours. If followed to the letter, our online premarital education program in Tennessee requires at least 4 hours to complete. Please adhere to the Tennessee law by giving the course a minimum of 4 hours. You must take the quiz after reading all the course material and finishing the activities. Please take your time and provide accurate information. Following notification that the quiz has been completed, we will mail your official, notarized Tennessee premarital preparation course certificate to you the following business day. It can take up to one (1) week to receive your certificate in the mail so please plan ahead. In the event you need your notarized certificate, earlier, we can overnight it but there will be an additional charge. Call us about any questions you may have.
What are the benefits of taking a Premarital Preparation Course?

One of the most exciting events in a person’s life is getting married. Most individuals devote a lot of time and attention into getting ready for their wedding, but how many people do the same for their future together? Your chances of having a happy marriage might be greatly increased by finishing a premarital preparation course.

Premarital education programs are offered by D’Arienzo Psychology in a number of states. There are various sections in the course that cover topics including money, sex, communication, and family values. Discussing these topics prior to being married can enhance the likelihood that your marriage will be happy and will put your relationship up for success.

The goal of the course is to assist you in exploring your relationship’s strengths and understanding its faults as a pair. You will get knowledge of what it takes to create a successful marriage as well as the abilities necessary to maintain a happy union. We hope that the readings you do in the premarital education course will not only teach you what it takes to create a happy marriage, but also serve as a foundation upon which you can build.

Effective communication is one of the many factors that contribute to a happy marriage. With our Premarital Preparation Course, you may discover more about your communication style as a person and as a couple by learning practical communication skills and applying them via engaging, interactive tasks.

The premarital counseling program provided by D’Arienzo Psychology is intended to be educational. It provides tasks that each couple can accomplish, talk about, and share together. Together completing the course is a great opportunity to have essential conversations you should have before getting married.

We hope to be your provider of the online premarital preparation course. Please contact us at 904-379-8094 or at admin@darienzopsychology.com if you are interested.

Who is Dr. Justin D'Arienzo?

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist,
a distinction held by only five percent of psychologists nationally.

Dr. D’Arienzo earned his undergraduate degrees from Furman University and the University of North Florida, his master’s and doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, as well as his psychology internship and residency at the Pensacola Naval Hospital and the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

He started his career as a licensed psychologist in the US Navy, serving in such capacities as Director of Psychological Services, Joint Medical Group/Joint Task Force, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Director of Psychological Services and the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program, USS KITTY HAWK Carrier Strike of the Pacific Fleet; and Department Head of the Behavioral Health Clinic, Naval Air Technical Training Center, Pensacola, Florida.

In 2008, he left the Navy and started D’Arienzo Psychological Group. He is a clinical and forensic psychologist with expertise in parenting coordination, family mediation, independent psychological evaluations, social investigations, parental fitness exams, and reunification treatment. He is authorized to testify as an expert witness in civil and criminal proceedings in state (Florida and Tennessee), federal, and military courts.

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