Industrial and Business Psychological Services

Jacksonville Industrial and Business Psychologist, Dr. Justin D'Arienzo

Jacksonville Industrial and Business Psychologist                Dr. Justin D’Arienzo

  • Executive Coaching and Life Coaching
  • Executive Employee Assistance Programs
  • Employee Testing and Selection Services
  • Staffing Testing and Selection Services
  • Team Building and Organizational Consulting
  • Anger Management for Disruptive Employees and Physicians
  • Marital Enhancement Workshops for Executives

Traditional EAP programs are often run by paraprofessional mental health persons and other laypeople. If you would be reluctant to send your child, spouse, or parent to a paraprofessional if your loved one required professional help, you may also be reluctant to send your employees or yourself to someone offering that level of care. You and your employees deserve the very BEST, especially if you and they are responsible for the bottom line. D’Arienzo Psychological Group offers select business services to small to medium sized companies who want a boutique executive style employee assistance program (EAP). We are a psychological firm comprised of licensed, competent, and well respected professionals.

We also assist companies in selecting high caliber employees utilizing a combination of psychological tests and an industrial interview. We also assist companies in managing employees’ problematic behaviors. We can assist with addiction issues, relationship problems, anger management problems, anxiety, depression, and poor performance due to a lack of focus and direction or deficits in social skills or soft skills. If necessary, we make the difficult referrals as well, freeing you and giving you peace of mind.

We also provide life coaching and executive coaching for employees and individuals that are already functioning well but want to improve their sense of well-being, balance, or personal performance to the next level.  Psychological testing to establish benchmarks and measure growth is available as needed or requested.

We have worked with many companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area. These organizations have ranged from churches, to medical practices, to IT companies, to nonprofit agencies, and to financial firms.

Please contact us today if you are interested in us creating a program that would fit your needs and boost your bottom line.

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