Georgia Premarital Education Program Online Video Course

Developed by Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Board Certified Psychologist and Relationship Expert

Welcome to the Official $20.00 Georgia Premarital Education Program Online Course (Save 50% on your GA Marriage License! ), where Georgians may receive premarital counseling online while also saving money. Did you know that residents of the state of Georgia can enroll in a six-hour premarital counseling course offered by a Georgia-licensed mental health professional or a practicing clergyperson? The Georgia Premarital Education Program and an official notarized certificate that will save you money on your Georgia marriage license are things I can give you because I am a certified minister authorized to perform premarital counseling there but not yet licensed as a clinical psychologist in Georgia. Which county you choose to get married in determines how much money you’ll save on your marriage license. Every county offers a discount, and in many Georgia counties, getting a certificate from us for premarital counseling can get you a free marriage license. Simply bring our certificate to the courthouse to take advantage of the discounts.

Cut the cost of your Georgia Marriage License by at least 50%!

How It Works
  • Click on the Click Here to Purchase button above or below to make a secure payment (Paypal or credit card) through Cart66. If you are concerned about online payments, you may call our office directly at (904) 379-8094 to make a payment directly during regular business hours (9-5) Monday through Friday. Both options are secure and quick methods to get started. Please note that payment for any of our online courses is nonrefundable unless you accidentally purchase more than one.

  • Once payment has been received for the course, you will receive an automatic email with the password and the login page, or you can use the password sent to you and click here: Login to the Georgia Premarital Education Program Course at If you are having trouble finding your password or accessing the course, please contact our office during our normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST (904-379-8094).

  • After logging in with the password, you will have one year to complete the course. Georgia law requires that you spend a minimum of six (6) hours on the premarital course. The Georgia premarital counseling course is structured to be completed with the exercises, which takes at least 4-6 hours if completed as instructed. Please follow the Georgia statute by spending at least 6 hours on the course. Once you have finished reading through the material and completing the exercises, you will need to take the quiz. Please take your time and fill out the information accurately. After the quiz has been submitted, we will be notified, and we will mail you your notarized Georgia Premarital Program Course Certificate form of completion the next business day. Please allow up to one (1) week to receive your certificate in the mail.

What are the benefits of taking a Premarital Preparation Course?

One of the most exciting events in a person’s life is getting married. Most individuals devote a lot of time and attention into getting ready for their wedding, but how many people do the same for their future together? Your chances of having a happy marriage might be greatly increased by finishing a premarital preparation course.

Premarital education programs are offered by D’Arienzo Psychology in a number of states. There are various sections in the course that cover topics including money, sex, communication, and family values. Discussing these topics prior to being married can enhance the likelihood that your marriage will be happy and will put your relationship up for success.

The goal of the course is to assist you in exploring your relationship’s strengths and understanding its faults as a pair. You will get knowledge of what it takes to create a successful marriage as well as the abilities necessary to maintain a happy union. We hope that the readings you do in the premarital education course will not only teach you what it takes to create a happy marriage, but also serve as a foundation upon which you can build.

Effective communication is one of the many factors that contribute to a happy marriage. With our Premarital Preparation Course, you may discover more about your communication style as a person and as a couple by learning practical communication skills and applying them via engaging, interactive tasks.

The premarital counseling program provided by D’Arienzo Psychology is intended to be educational. It provides tasks that each couple can accomplish, talk about, and share together. Together completing the course is a great opportunity to have essential conversations you should have before getting married.

We hope to be your provider of the online premarital preparation course. Please contact us at 904-379-8094 or at if you are interested.

Who is Dr. Justin D'Arienzo?

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