Divorce Therapy is a service provided by a psychologist, therapist or counselor working with divorced couples who continue to struggle with co parenting issues, communication, and financial issues due to personality and philosophical differences that likely led to the ending of the marriage but also continue to cause the divorced couple strife. The goal of divorce therapy is to help the couple move beyond the past so they can coexist for their children and begin to live their separate lives. Divorce therapy is not easy and it requires two people that are motivated to move beyond past transgressions and who want peace.

There are times that divorce therapy leads to reunification. It is important that if the couple is interested in this possibility, that it is presented to the consultant meeting with you.

Divorce therapy also includes providing therapeutic services to children whose parents have divorced or are divorcing and may need a trusted person to assist them in managing their lives in each parent’s home. As you know based on your own experience, divorce can be very disruptive for children as they are introduced to new family members, friends, schools, and residences.

Our psychologist, therapists, counselors, and parenting coordinators frequently testify in the family court system and conduct such work as parenting plan evaluations, social investigations, custody evaluation, and parent fitness evaluations. Given our breadth of experience with troubled families and couples, we are expertly qualified in providing divorcing parents and their children quick resolution and a soft landing during this tumultuous and difficult time. In addition to helping parents and or their children with the divorce process in divorce counseling, we also provide reunification therapy for parents and their children transitioning from supervised visitation to unsupervised visitation or with alienated parents and their children.

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