D’Arienzo Psychological Group, Psychological and Counseling Center

D’Arienzo Psychological Group Team, Jacksonville’s Premier Psychological and Counseling Center: Dr. Dirito, Ed.D, LCSW and Child and Family Therapist; Mr. Lipzin, LMHC and Adult Counselor, Dr. D’Arienzo, Clinical Psychologist, Mediator, Parenting Coordinator; Ms. Salameh, Attorney, Mediator, Parenting Coordinator; Ms. Obi, Business Manager; Mr. Zichi, LCSW and Adult and Child Therapist; and Ms. Roper, Officer Manager

D’Arienzo Psychological Group is Jacksonvill’es premier psychological and counseling  center combining the expertise of a psychologist, an attorney, two licensed clinical social workers, and a licensed mental health counselor. All our professionals have had unique experiences and expertise in their chosen field(s) and are well respected in the Jacksonville psychological, legal and business communities. It is our hope that you will chose to establish a relationship with one of our professionals. Life is difficult and you should not have to face it alone. If you need help, it’s imperative that you choose someone that is competent and someone that you can trust. We are prepared to help you today. Call us.

Our Psychological and Counseling Center office is centrally located in Jacksonville, Florida near the Town Center. Our phone number is 904-379-8094.

D’Arienzo Psychological Group Team:

  • Dr. Dawn Dirito, Ed.D, LCSW
    • Child, Adolescent, and Adult Therapist, Couples Therapist and Marriage Counselor
  • Mr. Alan Lipzin, LMHC,
    • Adult Therapist, Marriage Counselor and Couples Counselor
  • Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP
    • Clinical, Industrial, and Forensic Psychologist, Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Forensic Examiner, Marriage Counselor, and Relationship Expert.
  • Ms. Cynthia Salameh,JD
    • Attorney, Family Mediator, Parenting Coordinator
  • Mr. Joe Zichi, LCSW
    • Child, Adolescent, and Adult Therapist, Marriage and Couples Counselor
  • Ms. Erica Obi
    • Business Manager
  • Ms. Emily Roper
    • Officer Manager

Our Psychological and Counseling Center is Jacksonville’s premier psychology and counseling practice. Not only do we provide psychotherapy and counseling services but we also provide court related therapy, attorney consultation, business and management consultation, employee testing and assessment, life coaching, psychological testing, forensic psychology, and expert testimony to name a few. Please contact us if you believe we can assist you.

Regarding insurance, we only accept Tricare services (military) for counseling and assessment. If you are not a Tricare beneficiary, we accept direct fees for services and then will assist you with the necessary paperwork in order for you to be reimbursed a portion of the cost of services by your insurance company. Utilizing mental health and counseling services directly through your insurance company often impacts you in a very negative way as often the least qualified psychologists and counselors are on insurance panels in the mental health treatment world. Meaning if you utilize insurance for these services, you will be cared for by the least qualified professionals.  Please contact our office if you have questions about how to be reimbursed by your insurance company for your services. We choose not to accept insurance so we can use our time with you to provide to you the highest quality of psychological and counseling care.